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the massachusetts senate race for a elizabeth warren over scott brown. i am going to go back to that point. this is the network calling the race for elizabeth warren over scott brown. let's turn to massachusetts for our next guest. >> this is an interesting race because scott brown was deciding -- was trying to run away from mitt romney and the extremists and in a lot of republican platform. i want to bring in a republican guest to works with the american civil liberties union and has been monitoring house some of these issues have played out. kate joins us from massachusetts. tell us the situation in massachusetts right now and how it impacts if it is true elizabeth warren has won these issues? >> i wanted to quote jones who sent a tweet about how difficult it has been to vote for people in virginia as well as florida. let's see if i can find it. he talks about -- he says in virginia and florida people are waiting hours to vote. they have kept the polls open in virginia, and he said its should not take this kind of heroism to vote in america in 2012. stay in line. we have just gotten this
for president of united states. >> all right guys, stick with us. coming up on "way too early," elizabeth warren gets a win over scott brown in that closely watched massachusetts race. we'll look at how all the big races play out across the country, what it means for the coming fiscal fight on capitol hill. also ahead, bill karins going to join us from down democracy plaza with an update on this radar map a nor'easter headed straight for some of the same areas wiped out by last week's superstorm. we'll be right back at 30 rock in just a minute. >>> last night president obama became just the 17th president in u.s. hist troy win a second full term in office when he defeated mitt romney to reclaim the presidency. should he serve out the full second term, he'll be the 13th president in our country's hist troy do so. you want to sound smart today? tell your friends that president obama's re-election marks the first time, get this, since 1816 that the united states has had three consecutive presidents elected to a second term before president obama, of course, george w. bush and bill clinton. the last
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republicans are secretly saying behind closed doors about elizabeth warren coming to washington. not exactly planning a welcome party. >>> and how about this picture all over the internet? we'll explain what it's all about. >>> in a conference call, he won because he gave big gifts to target ed voters but some believe he won because of the big gift he got from republicans. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. a wand, some wings, soup with good things. sidewalks and doodles and wholesome noodles. puddles and pails and yes, puppy dog tails. for a lunch like this, there's a hug and a kiss. because that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop
sentence in the english language is this one. elizabeth warren will be the next senator from the state of massachusetts. now that that very scary sentence has come true, it's playing out in an interesting and very specific way. that's next. makes watching tv even better. if your tv were a slow running teenager, zeebox would be a horror movie monster. together they'd create heart-pounding magic... ahhhhhhhh, i fell over. grooaaaaaarrrr! [ screams ] ...that would forever bring couples closer on couches. download zeebox free, and go... grooaaaaaarrrr! ...when you watch tv. the lightest 7" hd tablet with the best screen for reading. magazines, books and now movies look better than ever before. and with individual profiles, it's one great tablet designed to be shared with the whole family. you just might not want to. introducing nook hd, the best 7" tablet for reading and entertainment. at barnes & noble and walmart. >>> the system is rigged. look around. oil companies guzzle down billions in profits. billionaires pay lower tax rates than their secretaries. and wall street ceos, the same on
the ground. elizabeth warren was born to be on the senate banking committee. if anybody want ever born to be on that committee, she was born to be on that committee. want to know who would very much not like elizabeth warren to be on the banking committee? the banks. we have been hearing pretty much since she got elected about how wall street is going to do anything in its power to keep elizabeth warren off the banking committee and presumably out of their hair as much as possible. the latest reporting coming from mother jones. mother jones reporting on trade groups pressuring lawmakers to somehow block elizabeth warren from getting a seat on the banking committee. one senate aid telling mother jones that d.c.'s lobbying corridor has been going nuts trying to keep her off that particular committee. but what -- how does that work? how does that work in day-to-day terms? how does wall street trying to effect its own outcome, how does that manifest in the real world? what are they doing now? who is making calls to whom? and what are they using as leverage? and perhaps most importantly, is
control of the senate approved in massachusetts, elizabeth warren defeated incumbent massachusetts republican senator scott brown. missouri senator claire mccaskill held off tea party favorite todd akin, who stirred controversy by saying women's bodies could ward off pregnancy in cases of what he called "legitimate rape." in indiana, democrat joe donnelly defeated another tea party favorite, richard mourdock, to fill the seat of retiring republican senator@ richard lugar's sea. in the wisconsin senate race, democratic congresswoman tammy baldwin defeated former governor tommy thompson, making baldwin the first openly gay senator in u.s. history. in connecticut, pro wrestling magnate and republican linda mcmahon lost to congress member chris murphy, despite spending nearly $100 million running for office. in maine, former governor angus king, an independent, won a three-way contest for the senate seat of retiring republican olympia snowe. king is expected to caucus with democrats. while the democrats retained control the senate, republicans remain in control of the 435- member house
over the election of elizabeth warren to the senate. why does carolla care? westerny goldberg on thoughts on the petraeus scandal. that should be interesting. hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. >> bill: unresolved problem seeing want tonight. on electric night i said this about many voters who supported president obama. >> it's a changing country. the demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. he knows it and he ran on it. >> bill: well, just today my theory backed up by the government statistical bureau according to the feds
that. he wants to enlist them. >> i wonder in terms of dodd/frank, elizabeth warren is going to be in the u.s. senate and i'll read an excerpt from "new york" magazine. obama will probably not morph into a fierce anti-bank reformer who will set out to make wall street life's miserable. that duty will fall to senator elect elizabeth warren. when it comes to treating bank executives as wise statesmen whose council is sought on economic issues a second term obama will feel freer to tune those voices out. the retirement of tim geithner as treasury secretary and who he chooses next. tim geithner a creature of wall street. some names floated according to you, jack lou and ears kin bowles. i question whether he would do that because it would be such an affirmation of bowles-simpson which he turned his back on in the first time. >> bowles-simpson may well be the framework of the deal we get to get off the cliff anding? senator dick durbin has put out there as where we should go back to. once you get past the election, we've seen it before. something that didn't look so good a few mon
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elizabeth warren defeated scott brown. more than $72 million were spent on the race for the massachusetts senate seat. the democrats picked up a seat with the win. >> this victory belongs to you. >> reporter: cbs news projects democrats will retain a majority in the senate and the house will stay in republican control. so capitol hill could be on track for more gridlock. in wisconsin, democrat tammy baldwin became the first openly gay person to win a u.s. senate seat by defeating tommy thompson. republicans were supposed to gain a senate seat in missouri. cbs news projects claire mccaskill will keep her seat. >> you'll have a voice in the united states senate that makes you proud. >> reporter: comments about rape sank the candidacy of todd akin. tara mergener, for cbs news, washington. >> and here is a look at some of the other senate race winners. the gop picked up a seat in nebraska. fischer will fill the seat vacated by ben nelson. and in arizona, republicans will keep the seat held by jon kyl. jeff flake beat richard carmona. in maine, angus king won the seat being vacated by olympia
. elizabeth warren, claire mccaskill, and so forth. >> 20 women in the senate now, and what is interesting is the republican number goes up from five to four. the democratic number comes up to 16, which i think does reflect the larger problems in the constituency wired to the republicans. you see these women who are winning not because they are the daughter of or the widow of, not appointed. they are fighting their own political careers and it is rather remarkable. >> let me ask you a question. we will see where it goes. what happens if john kerry becomes secretary of state in massachusetts? scott brown? >> i think they have to consider that. scott brown lost. he is still a viable. the question is, who would be -- the with the democrats put up if john kerry leaves? >> he ran in an impossible state. i think elizabeth warren is going to be one of the real stars of the new democratic congress, and i can see her in national politics, at the presidential level, really soon. the other really interesting result, i thought, was that initiative in massachusetts -- it is not exactly a party issue. t
was the election of elizabeth warren, the first female senator from massachusetts. >> you tack on the powerful wall street banks and super interests and you let them know that you want a senator who will be out there fighting for the middle class all the of time. >> eliot: i'm joined by "the young turks'" epic michael shure and david catanese. i want to get inside the head of the tea party. imagine if you will, the tea party getting together on capitol hill in the next couple of days or next january what do they say to each other? do they realize that they led the republican party over a cliff? who is in charge? and what is their strategy? do they stick to their rap rabid position. >> they're not the most vocal but you've got rand paul, demint. cruz from texas. i do think there is a day of reckoning coming. i'm not sure if it's in the tea party meeting but i've talked to officials today particularly on the senate side where democrats picked up seats where they said, before we head into 2014 we all got to get into a room and figure this out. we have too many divisive primaries which are producing ra
to florida next. >>> then big banks are trying to block elizabeth warren from doing her job. those details ahead. >>> and workers are planning black friday strikes at walmart stores across america. the big box retailer is now punching back. the nation's josh eidelson here with the story. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." alan west and patrick murphy, he's declared victory twice. already attended the freshman orientation meetings. two weeks after the election, alan west refused to concede after pinning his hopes to st. luci county. now rick scott is taking heat for what democrats are calling improper interference in west's attempt to overturn the election results. a scott appointee ordered a team of auditors to oversee this county and the canvassers. it's a move that had florida's top democrats sounding the alarm. debbie wasserman schultz put out a statement saying, "after disenfranchising florida voters by cutting down early voting days and creating extraordinary long lines at polls, governor scott is trying to overturn an election result he disagreed with. governor scott needs to remove
in massachusetts teachers senator scott brown, a republican, is in challenger elizabeth warren, a democrat. in the 2010, scott brown won a set -- one a special election for the seat, long held by ted kennedy. this debate comes to us courtesy of wshm tv and was held in springfield on october 10. a final debate was scheduled for october 30 but was canceled because of hurricane sandy. >> good evening. welcome to symphony hall for a debate between scott brown and elizabeth warren. i am honored to be the moderator tonight. we have rules this evening. our audience of more than 2600 guests have agreed to be silent. no interruptions or applause. each candidate has a minute and 30 seconds to answer each question, and 30 seconds for rebuttal. later, each candidate gets one minute for a closing statement. a coin toss has determined the speaker order. we have received more than 200. every question is based on an idea from the public. elizabeth warren won the first coin toss. just last week, we saw the national unemployment numbers fall below 8%. millions of americans are still looking for jobs. things
between obama and romney, there's several tasty battles on the undercard. elizabeth warren and scott brown. todd akin and mccaskill. linda mcphone versus murphy. let's talk about the future of the senate. let's bring in a gentleman and scholar who knows as much as anyone alive, jimy williams. >> that's my claim to fame. i might be more positive thathe. >> we talk about presidential coattails sweeps down people into office. is there a reverse coattails effect ever where the senate candidates helped the president win? >> yes and no. not really. not always. not usually. you do have some times. let's take this race, for example. obama is doing well with women, but let's take, for example, the wisconsin race. if you look at the trending of the polls, tammy baldwin is trending well. wisconsin, guess what? obama won wisconsin by 15 points last time, he's up by 4 right now. why? women. why are they motivated? because of tammy baldwin. women are out in force, 3:1 out there canvassing for her. it's women. that's helpful to obama. take stab gnaw, a rust belt state. is he going to win it? because of t
above 1700 firmly. and perhaps the biggest upset of the night, elizabeth warren wins the senate race in massachusetts. maybe the country's ideology really has changed. sandra smith, charles payne coming up next. how can voters of a free market decide to elect a candidate who said this while running for office. listen to this again. >> there is no body in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. stuart: elizabeth warren beating scott brown in massachusetts. sheaths -- use the one who said this. >> nobody in this country got rich on his own. nobody. you build a factory out there -- a stuart: that wasn't her greatest hit. we are sure you remember the controversy over her native american heritage. she was elected. before you start, i am going to suggest liberalism won and is gaining ground. if you elected as the warrant to the senate, liberals are winning. >> if there's any point that marked that last night this would be one of them but remember what this does for business and banks and wall street. elizabeth warren has been a harsh critic of business in general and business does no
bin laden and that old girl will put out. >> the senate battle in massachusetts, elizabeth warren beat incumbent republican scott brown. >> wisconsin, tammy baldwin has become the first openly gay candidate to win a u.s. senate seat. >> percent certainty? >> 99.95%. >> we have to be careful about calling things, i'd be cautious about intruding in this process. >> well, folks -- >> hold on. >> i worked for the guy that balanced the budget. you came in and squandered it and now you're complaining to me? >> it's never too early to talk about the next one. right? >> and you know that somebody's planning it. >> two years, $3 billion and we are clearly in the same [ bleep ] place we were when it started. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." america wakes up this morning almost exactly where we were four years ago. president barack obama wins a second term, republicans hold the house, and democrats control the senate. we begin with the white house president obama defeated governor mitt romney by a narrow but decisive margin, as many experts predicted it was ohio that put the president over the
't necessarily seen -- >> the rule of thumb-- you have wowell-knownandidates in alan and kaine. elizabeth warren certainly wasn't as well known in massachusetts. i think her fate was probably tied more closely to the president's. ( phone ringing ). >> woodruff: he forgot of got to turn off his telephone. >> i'm sorry, elizabeth. are you well known. the rule of thumb among democrats is president kaine could take a 2% president obama loss and still survive. >> woodruff: it's interesting, they were showing 37% of the ecincts rertin i thk it said-- here it is again, that george allen is up, but, again, we don't know where these votes are, and it's early. >> it tend to be the central part of the state where the votes come in most quickly. >> ifill: it's almost become a cliche when we talk about the economy being a driving issue. when stu was talking about health care, did you expect that would be a bigger issue that would be debated more than broadly in this election? >> yes, from both side. as we said, the romney-ryan medicare plan didn't bite as much. obamacare, sort of broke sort of even. somehow
of their party. plus bob schieffer, john dickerson, massachusetts senator elect elizabeth warren. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell and bob woodward and so much more. special election coverage at 7:00. back to you. >> in the words of ed sullivan a really big show this morning. >> that's a good way to describe it. see you guys. >>> well, after nearly two years of campaigning and some $2 billion spent, the 2012 election is finally over. and president obama is headed back to the white house for four more years. >> the money still sound staggering doesn't it? obama supporters partied into the night and early morning hours, kristin fisher is live from the capitol with more on the election outcome. good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well you know this election really didn't change the power structure much here in washington. republicans retained control of the house and the democrats retained control of the senate. and the president is going to stay the president for the next four years. the person waking up to really big change this morning is of course governor mitt romney. after
it is a combination of president obama, elizabeth warren, alan grayson, newly invigorated democratic party is making bankers very nervous. do you think? are we really in that much trouble? are they being spoil sorts? with me steve moore editorial board member and senior economics writer at "the wall street journal." thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. melissa: i know you're out selling so many books. nice to stop by. i hope you have one you can sort of hold up? we'll find one. >> i have a autographed copy for you, melissa. i promise. melissa: thank you. what do you think about this? is this the worst election of wall street in the history of the universe? >> i want to correct kind of a conventional wisdom that you repeated, melissa, that drives me crazy. oh, the reason the market really dropped so dramaticly this is the worst two day session in a year or so. people say the reason this is happening is impending fiscal cliff. wait a minute, melissa. not like all of sudden people woke up and we'll face a fiscal cliff. what changed from monday, obviously we had this election. this kind of fi
. >> the chickens are now coming home to roost. >> the banks revolt against elizabeth warren. >>> and workers are threatening strikes at walmart stores across america. >> we expect our associates to do their job. >> josh ed elson has the latest on the workers versus walmart. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. democratic leaders are in the budget fight to win it for the middle class. president obama is wrapping up his southeast asia trip. he was overheard requesting help from a higher power to solve the standoff in washington. >> in washington he's deadly serious about keeping the upper hand in negotiations. democrats are defending the line in the sand. here's how democratic leader nancy pelosi when she was asked if the democrats would accept a deal extending tax cuts for the wealthy. >> talking about a possible come ro miez that would cap deductions. is that something that's acceptable? >> no. the president made it very clear in his campaign that there's not enough resources. what you just described is a formula and a blueprint for our future. >> democrats from both chambers a
in. >> we have to put the country first. >> they have reclaimed ted kennedy's seat with elizabeth warren in massachusetts. >> this is a win for america's middle class. >> lawmakers from both parties face the daunting task of getting work done in a capital as polarized as ever. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan was reelected to his wisconsin house seat. he returns to capitol hill with new stature and a new title. the republican to beat in 2016. >> to see all of the election results in our brand new electoral college map, we break it down by state and maryland counties on and our election 2012 app or you can find more statemen andfrom campaigns. >> we continue to track the nor'easter moving up the coast. but i think baltimore really is dodging a bullet right now. you look at the raider, what a mess from delawarean to massachusetts. the massive snow is falling in new jersey coming into interior areas. there are also concerned the coastal flooding. let's look at the baltimore metro area. see the light shades of green, that is really light rain east of edgewood.
, i don't care. >> that was newly-elected massachusetts senator elizabeth warren on "morning joe" today talking about how far across the aisle she will reach. last night's elections left congress looking much the same as it did before voters went to the polls. at this hour, republicans still control the house. while democrats remain at the helm of the senate after a very good night during which they picked up two seats. in indiana joe donnelly beat richard mourdock in the race to replace dick lugar, massachusetts, elizabeth warren won a showdown against scott brown. the first signs of how the police congress will govern might come this afternoon when house speaker john boehner discusses the looming fiscal cliff. last night boehner struck a tone saying quote -- >> but he also seemed to indicate that compromise will only go so far. >> with this vote the american people have also made clear that there's no mandate for raising tax rates. >> that appeared to be the message from senator mitch mcconnell who has to work with a president he vowed to only give one time and said last night
, it was the democrats who were able to flip several seats in their favor. in massachusetts, elizabeth warren reclaimed the senate seat for the democrats, defeating incumbent scott brown. >> she's going to be on the show, by the way. >> she is coming on this morning. >> in connecticut -- and in connecticut, congressman chris murphy actually becomes the youngest member of the united states senate by defeating former wrestling executive linda mcmahon who poured 42 million more dollars of her own money into the campaign. she outspent murphy 4-1. she's now spent $91 million. >> that might have been a bad buy. >> over the past two years, making sure that republicans didn't pick up a single damn seat in connecticut! >> in indiana, democrat joe donnelly completed his comeback against richard mourdock, winning that state's race. mourdock never recovered after suggesting in a debate last month that if a woman became pregnant by rape it was, quote, something that god intended. >> politics 101, friends, don't say that if you're on the campaign trail. democrats were also able to hold several seats that were consid
election day forecast next. also, senator scott brown looking to fend off a challenge from elizabeth warren in the state of massachusetts. just one of the many close races playing out for control of the u.s. senate. "way too early" coming back to democracy plaza on msnbc. >> i was in the lincoln room a moment ago and saw a full sculpture of abraham lincoln and i get a catch in my throat as i see him. >> what lincoln said was that through our government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a
. you flif los angeles. and elizabeth warren lives in massachusetts. very far from you. very far. and you're outraged about this woman living in the election. why? it was because of the speed where she's told everybody the system was rigged against them. by the way, look out tony robbins there is a new motivational speaking sheriff in town. her name is elizabeth warren. it's a horrible message to send. can you imagine a teacher, or a coach explaining to a student the system was rigged against them? >> okay. and you believe this is a corner stone of the presentation? >> well, it's corner stone of the democratic party. the plan is that we're going to fix it. we're going to unrig it. what has obama been doing for four years? how come he's not unrigged this system? what about carter? clinton? did they unrig it? and then, how does it work with rigging in the unrigging? why can't you unrig it? >> liz beth warren is a classic liberal. she believes that society, american society is unjust. and she's a native american woman. you know that. she's able to rise up and overcome whatever preju
investigated. >>> incumbent senator scott brown of massachusetts who lost to elizabeth warren is calling on his republican party to move to the middle. >> we need to be a larger party. i'm a pro-choice moderate republican, there's a vanishing breed. you know that now. you've lost joe lieberman, richard lugar, kent conrad, me, olympia snowe. that group in the middle, it's vanishing and there are on both sides there are extremes as you all know kind of pushing back against the middle. i've always felt that that group in the middle is, quite frankly, the most powerful group because they're able to get to that 60-vote fleshhold and get things done so i'm hopeful we'll be a more tolerant, you know, open-minded party. >> there is speculation that brown could make another run for national if president obama names senator john kerry to his cabinet as a possible secretary of state or perhaps defense secretary. senator brown is also rumored to be a contender for massachusetts governor in 2014 but he insists his immediate future is focused outside of politics. >> my job is to make sure there is a smooth t
elizabeth warren on the senate banking committee. what's your take? >> i had a fine relationship with elizabeth warren, called her to congratulate her for winning her election. we worked together well at the cfpb. we are going to meet all the rules, all the requirements in the spirit and the letter of the law. the most important thing to me is while doing that, we serve all the corporations we have here for consumers, businesses. and you know, for the most part, those things may change. pricing, some returns and some businesses. but i think we can meet them all. the only one that actually has -- we want to be very cautious about is where jpmorgan isn't allowed to freely compete on the same bases, same terms as deutsche bank or chinese bank. that's all. >> is there a way to work together, collaboration between business and the political story? you said yourself at the top of this industry, business is doing well. all we need to do is unlock that. >> yeah. so listen, i just came back from a two-week trip in asia and silicon valley, entrepreneurs and larger companies and social medi
and you know, now tammy baldwin coming in and elizabeth warren and heidi heitkamp and all of the other women there. there is a strong showing for democratic women. >> absolutely. the senate is starting to look a lot more like this country as far as the representation is concerned. i think it is the reason we did well. the power of the gender issue at election day is clear. women have made it clear they're going to be an important part of the decision making of this country and as a result, it has been a great deal of recruitment for women to run for united states senate and the financial support and the voters understand this and we're going have a really strong group of new senators, particularly among the women. >> bill: we're talking with senator ben cardin re-elected on tuesday. a little bit later in the program on this very point stephanie shrick, head of emily's list they raised more money this year than ever before on the support of women's candidates. she will be in studio with us. senator, now we get to
as full bore liberals. here are some who ran unapologetically on the left side and won. elizabeth warren. tammy baldwin in wisconsin. chris murphy in connecticut and mazie hirono in hawaii. i think it's fascinating in all these years of not being openly liberal saying i'm a moderate, maybe progressive was a euphemism for a while there. what's going on here? i'm looking at -- there is no doubt elizabeth warren will have a high ada rating and will be a liberal. generally these people aren't saying, you know, i'm a moderate, somewhere in the middle. they are saying we're progressives, liberals, big deal. >> right. i think what's happening is while the republican party had its own implosion figuring out who they were the democrats were kind of humming home getting back to the core of who they were. now you have republicans trying to expand their base, whatever their come to jesus moment is where they try to draw on latinos more. the democrats got back to the core principles that define them as the democratic party. we saw this with the democratic national convention with speeches by deval pa
. democrats don't just hold the senate, could they gain seats? elizabeth warren leads a potential superstar laden class of senators including three other women who along with 15 incumbents will make up the largest block of senate women in u.s. history. and the house stays in republican hands. the fiscal cliff looming for congress. is speaker boehner ready to make a deal with the president and democrats? can the country afford another missed opportunity? good morning from new york city. it is the day after, wednesday, november 7, 2012. we have a special two-hour edition of "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. ahead this morning, senator elect angus king of maine. who he will kau can cuss with. maggie hassan of new hampshire. new york congressman steve israel as well as my man that i like to talk about in the future of the republican party, mike murphy. righto my first reads. it took president obama exactly 12 minutes longer to win his second term than a first one. we called the 2000 race at 11:00. this time at 11:12 p.m. we're not even 12 hours removed from that moment yet and it's clear tha
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